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Friday, November 14, 2014


This photo had to have a lengthy process of "Photo Shopping" to remove that terrible 1960's and 70's color deterioration that subdued the original color due to aging. Not many people remember when the main Kuser lane leading from the mansion out to Newkirk Avenue went straight out to Newkirk Avenue very near the Cedar Lane intersection. When the Township of Hamilton took possession of the property, the present left then right turn exit to Newkirk Avenue was constructed, the "NO TRESPASSING" sign removed, and the two red brick entrance structures with the ball on top moved to the new location. Fred Kuser Senior planted those Norway Maples in line and evenly spaced all along the lane. Additionally, the trees on the open area to the left (tennis court side) were also planted in straight rows from the tennis court area all the way out to Newkirk Avenue.

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