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Saturday, November 22, 2014


It was my privilege to present an onscreen presentation for the Junior 4 Alumni Association a few weeks ago. There ar 54 Junior Four files (24 gigabytes) of photos and articles in the growing "JUNIOR 4" folder and growing. There were over 100 alumni at that annual dinner and I was completely amazed at the incredible love they had for that great old school and the education they received during their years as students. The graphic shows the "Forward" page with an empty graduation gown cleverly placed on a chair, vacated by one of the students who graduated from there with a splendid and complete education. I superimposed the cover of the 1946 ARGUS to add a bit of color.


Anonymous said...

This issue of the Argus from our beloved Jr.4 was the year I entered the hallowed halls in Sept. of 1946. You reported correctly, those who attended here loved and cherished going to this great institution. The fellow students, and teacher too were wonderful. So much camaraderie existed. To this day, those of us who attended in the years 47, 48, and graduated in 49 still stay in touch. Many of us have attended the funerals of the teachers who guided us. Just two months ago, as I was donning my robe to perform a wedding ceremony, the phone rang.
"Mike"? this is Jack Toth from Jr. 4. we are visiting in Williamsburg and won't leave till we visit with you".68 years a friend! This school will forever be in the memory of all who went here. for many years I was active in the Jr.4 Alumni Assoc. along with Johnny Cip, and many others. glad to see it is still active. Regards, and thanks for the memories. Mike Kuzma

JoeB said...

I graduated Jr 4 1945. I still remember the Principal Grace Dunn.
When she blew that whistle everyone stopped in their tracks and shut up. No sound. Also she made us walk in line from class to class if someone did some thing bad. Try doing that today.
Good training and good memories.