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Friday, November 21, 2014


During one of my lunches with my dear friend, the late Maury Perilli, the subject of the proposed "center city" relocation of Hamilton Township's municipal offices which is in the field across from the Hamilton Library and police station in what I believe to be known as the Morgan Tract. Relocation would of course mean the evacuation of that beautiful red brick colonial style building at 2090 Greenwood Avenue. Maury assured me that the move was well into the future due to fiscal constraints, but it would ultimately happen. Given the unhappy fate of that beautiful Trenton Central High school and the forthcoming wrecker's ball, I would hope that future town leaders would save that historic building which was built when Hamilton was still a largely rural community with large farms dotting the map.
About the photo: The original was a large panoramic photo of the area in front of the municipal building taken during the celebration of the dedication of the building at 2090 Greenwood Avenue. The clarity is amazing with a very interesting view of Greenwood Cemetery in the background. As to the "Enterprise Vol. Fire Co." and their gorgeous rigs, in my limited time as a Colonial Volunteer firemen, we referred to Enterprise ad "Hamilton-Enterprise."


JoeB said...

Do you believe the Municipal building will ever locate to the Morgan Tract?
I heard from some where the building will not be build due to the fact it is wet lands. Even if the new building is build I see no reason to knock down the old building I am ure the township will have some use for it.
Hamilton Township Museum.

Tom Glover said...

Hard to say, Joe. The police station and the Library are probably all on the wetlands known as the clay pits back in the day. I know they have been itching to get into larger and more modern quarters. When it comes, I do hope they stay in the "center city" area of the White Horse - Mercerville area. The town is expanding southward toward Allentown and farm land is quickly being developed.