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Friday, August 29, 2014


What a wonderful taste of the WWII era and growing up in Mercerville! For years I have been imploring folks to recall the persons, places and things the recall growing up in their respective neighborhoods. The above very interesting recollection above, along with the 3 photos give a nice glimpse of the Mercerville School, Regina Avenue when it was a dirt road, and grandpa Seitz holding a very young Phylis. This set will be saved in the Hamilton Township Public Library "MERCERVILLE" and "NEIGHBORHOODS" folders.


Anonymous said...

Tom - There is glimpse of Mercerville School in the background too.
Lakeside Girl

Tom Glover said...

Yes, I saw that, Eleanor. In fact, I had to crop a small part of the roof in order to straighten out the original which was skewed to the right.

Ron Bound Sr said...

What a great series of pictures. Reflecting great family of the era.