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Tuesday, August 12, 2014


The photo above was taken in 1964 when my dear friend, the late Father Leonard Toomey baptized my son Tom. He was very close to my wife Judy's family in his seminary years when he was a close friend of the late Father Jimmy Russell, who was Judy's cousin. He was also the man who converted me to the faith back in the early 1960's.

I spent many happy years as a communicant at Sacred Heart church on Centre Street in Trenton, serving as Lector, Eucharistic Minister and Usher. For 10 years I did Sunday Morning Communion services for the elderly and infirm at South Trenton's Village I on Lalor street (9 o'clock A.M.), and Village II on Stokeley Avenue (9:30 A.M.) 

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Anonymous said...

You never fail to turn the light on in the dark recessess of my memory.
Fr.Toomey and I go back to the late 50's when he directed the CYAC"S, and I was president.
Had some great times traveling to Canada with the group and he as the "Chaperone".
Sacred Heart will always be my parish, and I just got a thank you note from Fr.Dennis for my contribution to the 200th anniversary of our chuch.
I think I mentioned this once before, bur Fr.Jimmy Russell, your wife's cousin was also a grea "little guy". I worked for his brother Dick at City Hall during my early career in Government.
Tom you always brighten my day.


Mike Kuzma