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Monday, August 11, 2014


When I started this local history website which is approaching 800,000 "hits," I added the slogan which will always be a part of this website, "Local History With a Personal Touch." In keeping with that slogan, I am presenting the photo which Ed's Secretary Katy Palombi sent to me today.
I received this scanned 1922 photo of the St. John's football team from Hamilton Councilman and friend, Ed Gore. His Dad is seen in the photo as the 4th man from the left in the back row.

By the way, Katy, the Palombi family played a very important part in the Glover family during those years in the 30's and early 1940's when we were deep in the depths of poverty. "Pop" Palombi and his two sons are still in my memory as I remember them way back when I was a young boy of 8 or 9 and went to their South Olden Avenue store. I can still hear "Sy" Palombi with his white butcher's apron singing opera and doing it quite well!

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