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Sunday, June 01, 2014


I just received the above email from Ralph's son Ralph Jr. telling me of the passing of one of the major contributors to this website. Ralph will be sorely missed, and as I close down the computer for tonight (10 PM) a prayer will wing its way to Heaven for a gentleman whom I never personally met, but through the Glover320 Hamilton Library website, was privileged to have made his acquaintance. We'll miss you, Ralph Lucarella, you were a gentleman and an historic treasure for MANY of us on this website.


SJBill said...

Ralph became like family through this blog and through Mack's. He never fixed that Caps Lock button over the years. And I never bowled over a 200 at Hamilton Lanes. Rest in peace, my friend. We'll meet again, soon enough.

Give our love to Marge, your sister and her husband Joe Bodnar, and your dear brother. They all lived-on in this blog because of you.

If you see my Dad, say Hi! He's the roofer with the bright red pick-up truck.

And to Ralph's family, our deepest condolences.

rayfromvillapark said...

Tom, I think we all knew Ralph, even though we never met him. He was one of us, one of the Trentonians, from a bygone era. We could relate to his memories of Trenton, and then add our own comments and memories. A commonality, you can not leave behind, even after you leave the city. Rest in Peace, Ralph, you had a good run. rayfromvillapark

Lee Belardino said...

Real sorry to hear about Ralph's death. I use to really enjoy his comments made to your site. He was a light rom the best days of Trenton and "the burg". He was from the days of the boys from the "burg" who fought in the "big one" like my uncles. They served us well.

Anonymous said...

Never met the man, but always enjoyed his amazing knowledge of the good old guys enjoyed them, I just read about them and dream. RIP Mr. L.

Ralph Lucarella Jr. said...

Thank you guys, it means a lot. I consider myself lucky to have had him so long but still hurts as I have lost not only my Dad but also my best friend.

Omad said...

Ralph will be sorely missed. His stories of the "old" times brought back lots of memories. He was one guy that refuted the idea that those in their golden years were not on social media. God Bless you Ralph, too bad there is no WiFi in Heaven.

Anonymous said...

Please express my sincere condolences to the entire Lucarella family on Ralph's passing. As a teenager in the 1960s, the Rt 33 Hamilton Lanes was my home away from home and both the Lucarella family and all of the Hamilton staff were very nice to us "regulars".

Olga & Josie's, Junior Bowling with Flo, the Friday Night Classic and the Summer Sweeps bring back a lot of great memories. Rest in peace Ralph.

Paul Zimmerman