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Thursday, June 12, 2014

1951: Marsh's Sewing Center and Hobby Shop

Marsh's: Something for the boys, something for the girls. Stores like this were literal magnets for those of us who caught the model building fever back in my young years. We had McEwen's Deli as a dealer for those ten cent (yes, 10 cent!) "Comet" model airplanes. But when we wanted to move up to the big leagues, it was off to Marsh's for those Guillow's models and other "upscale" balsa wood "stick" models as we called them. Here is a closeup view of that late, great model airplane shop where we bought "Testor's" or "Le Page's" glue and we also purchased our share of "dope;" and I don't mean drugs.Ask any veteran model builder what we were "using" as they say in this year of 2014!

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SJBill said...

The full name was butyrate dope. It was cellulose acetate butyrate, and nobody in my gang knew it was very flammable.

Mr. March also had chemicals and cheap labware, but nothing when mixed together would go "Boom!"

Remember Jetex Fuses and small rocket motors? Coppersmith? How about Woodburner sets where if you slipped, the hot copper iron went through the back of your hand? I still have the scar and recall the smell of burning human flesh - mine.

While we are at it, the Handy Andy Woodworking Set with its very sharp saw could also do a number on the back of your hand. ;-) And they are still available on EBay for jsut a few bucks.

Kids are far too protected these days.