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Thursday, June 12, 2014


The "Supermarket!" In our neighborhood it was on Hamilton Avenue between South Olden and South Logan Avenue. Red Circle, Bokar and 8 O'Clock coffee was ground while we waited. Let's see, there was "Sylvan Seal" milk, Jane Parker baked goods....and uhhh, any others I forgot? Oh, by the way, this one is a closeup view of the Prospect Street A&P.


SJBill said...

Don't forget Ann Page and Snow Crop Frozen Condensed Orange Juice. I was delighted when my three year old tongue would freeze to the metal end cap of the container. We pried it off with a bottlle opener and squeezed the lum into a pitcher.
The coffees you mentioned were ground fresh, but it was a lonng time since they had been roasted.

Our A&P was on BEatty and Adeline St., just a short walk from home. I amused myself by pounding on he cardboard endcap of a Quaker Oats container past the Wineberg's and the Winowicz Funeral Home. YEs, all us kids used pencils for drumsticks.

Sally Logan Gilman said...

Tom: Our A&P was on Hermitage Avenue in West Trenton. My mother and I would lug the groceries home three blocks. Or I would ride my bike there when she needed a few items that fit in my little wicker basket. Great times. Regards

Anonymous said...

Back in the 30's, I delivered groceries to the neighborhood ladies for our local "Little" A&P neighborhood store on So. Warren St. a few doors from my street; Fall St.
Tom Bland was the manager. This was before the Supermarkets like the one here, and at Adeline & Beatty.
The mention of Bokar, Red Circle, and Eight o clock, reminds me how the young girls of that period would curl their hair with the stiff ties for the coffee bags.
What a sight!!!

Mike Kuzma

Lee Belardino said...

Our A&P was on south Broad street
across Holy Angles church around the corner of our house on Genesee street. Nice place to shop and buy tasty cakes.

Anonymous said...

There was an A&P in Mercerville, at the five points, next to the firehouse. Steinert's gas station was across the street.
Candy Frenking Jens

ron Bound said...

I remember something like this opening on Chambers St around Cedar Lane.

Anonymous said...

There was an A&P on the corner of Broad and Park in Hamilton. I remember walking home from Rowan School with my mom and have to wait inside the store during an air raid drill - the scary siren going off.

omadthenomad said...

The A&P we used was on Hamilton down from St Francis. We were in there often as my family supplied the restaurant we had right from the A&P. No deliveries from gigantic suppliers. Fresh meat from the butcher, bread from the bakery next door, etc.

SJBill said...

A common meme in your blog is how folks have changed over the years. Example: the woman leaving the market has a lovely dress, is wearing heels and a hat. You won't see **that** at Walmart these days.

In all fairness, we have a nearby market where most folks do appear well-dressed (for our times), and it sells rather wonderful foods for a bit of a premium.