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Monday, March 24, 2014


When you're out in those wide open spaces at Kuser Park, there will never be a standing room only crowd coming to my Sunday afternoon music/nostalgia presentations. The reason is obvious:For many years, professional musicians performed here. That was before the recreational financial expenses had to be curtailed. It all happened back during former Mayor Glenn Gilmore's administration, when the cuts were made. We were left without the wonderful music of my friend Dick Chimes and his Polish Polka band, Bob Smith and his Lamplighters, The Daisy Jug Band, and many other wonderful talented musicians. With all the humility I could muster, I volunteered to fill the void with my non professional music. My offer was accepted, and the standing room only crowds that had been attending the music from the aforementioned professionals, diminished to a precious few. But how those few enjoyed our little Sunday sing alongs! This year, assuming that Hamilton Township wants me back, it is my intent to return for my 8th (or is it 9th?) summer. This year, I am going to extend the season, and also experiment with outdoor computer projection in order to see if bright daylight will be too much for screen legibility with words to the songs projected on a movie screen. Stay tuned!

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