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Saturday, December 14, 2013


I wanted so bad to own a Kaiser of Frazer! They were the new kid on the block on the late 1940's along with the fabled "Henry J" which Sears marketed as the "Allstate." Remember Balderston Chevy? Gilbert & Mott? You do? Hey, we're gettin' on in age!


Anonymous said...


My mom and dad owned a Kaiser and had close friends up in New Hampshire. We would go about twice a year to visit them and I would sleep on the back "shelf" of the car. (With no Interstates, the drive took 13 hours or so.) In the front it's called the dashboard. What's it called in the back? Can't remember.

Anonymous said...

The ledge?
Rear Window Boot?
Take you pick.

Mikw Kuzma

rayfromvillapark said...

It's always been known as the Package Shelf. rayfromvillapark

Anonymous said...

Ray is probably right!

I guess you could put your packages on the rear window ledge back than. ( I was too poor to own anything to put back there) Today you get a ticket for blocking your vision. I can recall getting a warning about the Fuzzy dice I had hanging from my mirror.

Merry Christmas All

Mike Kuzma