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Friday, November 15, 2013


NEWCOMERS: A number of my FACEBOOK friends have migrated over to this website. Welcome to the Hamilton Township Public Library and our Local History Site! Here are a few short cuts to help you maneuver around the site.
1)   Over on the far right and DOWN a few inches you will find an alphabetical index. Next to each item in the index you will see the number of files in parentheses. Clicking on the item will bring you to the home page BUT this time when you arrow down you will see a 1 to 8 listing of material sought.

2) Another method is using the "SEARCH" function, DIRECTLY UNDER THE HOME PAGE you will see a white space with a "SEARCH" LABEL.. Type in a key word, ie: YARDVILLE, GROVEVILLE, etc. You will be taken to any and all posts within the 8,000 plus pages that contain the key words.

3) Through a technical glitch in 2010, Google removed a number of graphics and you will see a triangle with an exclamation (!) inside the triangle. This graphic will ultimately be re-posted.

4) When you get to a specific photo or article, RIGHT click on your mouse and choose open in a new window. You will be presented with an enlarged graphic. In some cases you will see a "+" which will allow you to enlarge it even more. Using the aforementioned right click function, you can also save the graphic to your computer. BE SURE TO CREDIT THE HAMILTON LIBRARY AND ANY OTHER ENTITIES RESPONSIBLE FOR THE SOURCE MATERIAL. ENJOY!

ANY QUESTIONS email me at

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