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Saturday, November 02, 2013


  With over 8,000 pages in my Google website, I have instituted a Facebook site. It provides and excellent web place where history of the Hamilton-Trenton-Mercer County area can be found.
 Above is the home page. It is entitled "TOM GLOVER'S HAMILTON LIBRARY LOCAL HISTORY SCRAPBOOK". To access it,  Click on the link below. When you get the gist of how the site operates you will find it very convenient to enter your comments in the very easy to use "comments" part of the menu. I hope to see my Glover320 website over there!


SJBill said...

Tom, love the pic of the old Hamilton Township Police HQ and Municipal Court building on Harrison Ave. It brings back some memories from 1963 following my first traffic mishap (which occurred just a short distance away on S.Broad St.).

I appeared as the plaintiff, and testified about the collision in my Dad's Olds. The defendant was found guilty as charged, though the fact he had a few drinks in him was never mentioned by the police.

I just checked the old building on Bing Maps and was disheartened to see the structure vacant with the windows boarded covered with graffiti.

So the building appears to have also been the Miriam Morris School?

JoeB said...

Yes after the Police vacated, the building was used by the Miriam Morris school. I believe the building has been boarded up since the school left.