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Saturday, October 26, 2013

2013: Kuser Mansion built in 1896 NOT 1892

Some months ago, I sent this information to the powers that be in Hamilton Township, noting that the wonderful sign created by the Boys Scouts had the erroneous date of 1892 as the year the beautiful Kuser Mansion was built. When I approached the folks at the mansion, and apprised them of the error,  they referred to the diary entry from Fred Kuser telling of the family traveling from their New York home to their "country home" in Hamilton Township. Above you will find conclusive proof that the current Kuser Mansion was completed in the year 1896. The visit to Trenton referred to in Fred Kuser's diary referred to was obviously the Goldy farm house which was there when Kuser purchased the property from Goldy. Note that the structure was to cost about $15,000!

This email received from my friend Ms. Eleanor Goldy Guear, local Lakeside Park/Gropp's Lake area historian:
Tom - Thanks for this informative news article. The Goldy homestead we were sure was still existing somewhere on the 80 acres that were purchased by the Kusers, but now we know that the "old farmhouse" was torn down and the Kuser home erected. Thanks once again for clearing up a detail of our own family heritage. Lakeside Girl on  

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