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Saturday, October 26, 2013


George W. Price's sausage factory as it is today.
Take it from me, visitors, it took a respectable amount of time to round up the Trenton pork roll graphic at the top of this page. However, we Trenton and area residents have always been loyal consumers of this relatively unique Trenton delicacy. As can be seen in that graphic, the early years of pork roll date back to the latter part of the 19th century when it was sold at the old City Market which was once located on the corner of North Broad (then North Greene St.) and Academy Street. Thus far my research has found that Samuel S. Hill was a sausage maker who sold a variation of the product before Mr. Price set up shop and continued the sale of what they called "Trenton Sausage." It is sheer speculation on my part that Mr. Price replaced Mr. Hill in the sausage making business and it ultimately evolved into Case's Pork Roll.

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Anonymous said...

I walked past this building hundreds of times rushing to catch the bus home from TCHS and never realized the significance. Thank you.

Ed Millerick