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Friday, October 04, 2013


This is a fascinating photo showing the dirt road that was E. Hanover Street at the turn of the century. The very interesting building with the cupola was the home of Trenton Hose No. 1 of the Trenton Fire Department.


Jersey Girl said...

That is a beautiful scene from a time gone by.
Back in the day when Thursday was open at night for shopping, I remember walking on Hanover Street with my parents and it was to me, an elegant section of the city.
I don't remember the dirt road though, that was before my time!

Tom Glover said...

Mine too, Eleanor.


Anonymous said...

Tom - I think you have me confused with Jersey Girl - I'm Lakeside Girl!

Tom Glover said...

JERSEY GIRL, LAKESIDE GIRL, SORRY FOR THE JUXTAPOSITION, ELEANOR, When visitors don't use their real name, it leads to these types of errors. sorry to say that with the many visitors, it is difficult for my aging gray matter to remember who's who. Jersey girl, where are you?