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Friday, October 04, 2013


Today it's just a hop skip and a jump from the Trenton city line. Originally a part of the old "Lalor Tract," Adam Deutz founded a jewelry factory in the little village and for many years successfully operated the firm. Stories proliferate on that factory. Each employee had to be carefully screened upon leaving to be sure there was no remnants large of small, of gold on their person. Deutzville, like Bromley, borders areas of the city of Trenton that have deteriorated as old line citizens became a part of what has become known as "white flight" to the suburbs.


Anonymous said...

Tom, is there any known connection regarding the seemingly contiguous
operation of the Jewelers tradition in and seemingly anchored in Deutzzville? Perhaps it was started by his apprentices who then went off and formed companies who catered to the blue collar set, not being able to afford our wedding, engagement or even high school friendship rings at the more expensive stores downtown. The proliferation of the Pratico family of stores that seemed to have one on each block, I would frequent Lenora's in the basement of her Lalor home. That low key, minimal advertising that relied on word of mouth kept the cost down where we young working stiffs could place that all precious ring on her finger and for that single moment we were the new princes and princesses, dreaming if but only for he ringing of the alarm clock or a dog barking. That High School "Friendship Ring" that was in effect a "trial" engagement ring, then the draft and off I went thinking of her every day even till now though we are three thousand miles apart. None of those memories would have been possible without the jewelers of Deutzville. Time for a moment of silence and raise a glass in a silent toast.

Tom Glover said...

The only connection I can recall is Deutz Jewelers. Have no idea what happened to them.

Ann said...

Hello! I am so excited to find this Blog! My 3rd great grandfather was Adam Deutz and my 2nd great grandfather was Caspar Deutz. My Great Grandmother is Caroline A. Deutz (married Poggenburg). My mother and I have been searching for 3 years for her grandmother's family and we finally have found the info connecting them to Deutzville. Is there anymore information about the family you could send me or anyone or place that may have more information on their life there? Thanks for your help and I love your blog!