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Tuesday, July 02, 2013


It's really nice to be able to splice together a news article from the Library's Local History Collection and a photo as above from the R.C. Maxwell/Duke University Library collection. A closer look at the photo above will reveal a showroom of S.S. Kresge's "5&10" and their selection of dinnerware. Looking even closer one can see the incandescent lights on the Taylor Opera House sign. I have yet to decipher the "D.B.V" initials, but my gut instincts points to "Donnelly's Best Value."

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Anonymous said...

Tom - Such wonderful memories working at F. W. Donnelly's Mens' Store but after it had relocated onto State Street. I worked there at Christmas back when it was such fun shopping. I started when I was a freshman in Trenton State and would drive to town after my last class for the day and work until closing time which was nine o'clock every night including Christmas Eve. This was back in 1960 - 1964. Especially at this time of the year, these memories come flooding back! Thanks, Lakeside Girl