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Tuesday, July 02, 2013


No matter how much historic detective work one does, there is always that roadblock that stands in the way of research. The above photo shows a pristine photo of Glenn Bros. Grocers at an intersection that I am at a loss to find. On my first incursion searching for the company, I found that they had a North Willow and West Hanover address. Subsequent searching found that the company had 2 other locations. Perhaps a visitor can agree with me that this is the Willow/West Hanover Street location. With the incredible change in the landscape in the city of Trenton over the past century, I chose the photo as being on Willow and W. Hanover; logic tells me that the traffic stanchion would be more likely to be found in center city. HOWEVER:
It may well be the Perry Street location. Your observations invited. 

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