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Tuesday, May 14, 2013


I may have posted this previously, but it is worth posting again, Last Saturday, I performed patriotic songs for the Ewing Township Patriotic Committee over in the Scotch Road-Upper Ferry Road area. I chose to go via the same route I took on a daily basis to my former job at the Trenton Bearing Company in the building formerly occupied by the Carrier Cleaners but vacant and abandoned. As I wended my way down the very busy North Olden Avenue, once again I was amazed at how that strip of highway as developed! The R.C. Maxwell Duke University photo above shows the intersection at the Arctic Parkway, Home Depot now resides across from the parkway with a huge store. Gone are all the names I recall from the 1950's: Moffatt Bearings, Richardson & Son, Breihler's, the Carvel store, Biter's Transfer, Frank's hot dog stand near Pennington Road, Jack and Bob's, the Edgewood Inn, Mrs.G's, Polish John's Parkside Diner which has become a beautiful and very much larger diner, and others that many visitors to this site will recall.


Sally Logan Gilman said...

Hi Tom: Now you are my former "neck of the woods.'' Living in West Trenton, North Olden Ave. was well traveled for our family. I was shocked to see the huge Home Depot but thankfully, the Parkside Diner is still in its original place. We had breakfast there a few times in one of our many visits. Thanks for this wonderful photo. It brings back many happy memories. Regards

Anonymous said...

If that's Arctic breaking off to the left, there would later be a Whitey's Tomato Pies just across the creek. On the near corner; that would become Capitol Chrysler Plymouth with Arctic Ice Cream and Autobahn Mercedes across the street. Cathcart may have moved down there too after they were on Olden near Princeton Avenue. Union Op was a bargain department store that would be where that fellow is parked by the pole.

Ed Millerick

Anonymous said...

Ooops, I said left and meant right regarding the Arctic Parkway location.

Ed M

Sally Logan Gilman said...

Right you are, Ed: My friends and I often had tomato pies at Whitey's on North Olden Avenue. Thanks for the reminder. Sally