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Monday, May 13, 2013


Thanks to our auto expert Ray Paskiewicz, for correcting me on the location which I identified as  of Brunswick Avenue and Spruce Street. It is the intersection of Brunswick and Mulberry street. Thanks, Ray.


rayfromvillapark said...

Hi Tom, This looks like Brunswick Ave. at Mulberry St. You can see the beginning of the divide in the center of the street, heading into the Brunswick Circle. The same two buildings are on that corner. They haven't changed very much. The photo has to be late in 1950, possibly November, December, because the car heading north toward the circle, is a 1951 Mercury Coupe. which probably was introduced in October of 1950. rayfromvillapark

Anonymous said...

Right on Ray. The building in the foreground was a great bait, and tackle store, the bar across Mulberry was "Shorty's" known far and wide for their Turtle soup.
Shorty used my inlaws farm on Lawrence road just before the bridge at Nortre Dame to replenish his turtle stock. Coumbus School was also on the corner (Trenton Side of Brunswick) as was the RKO Brunswick theatre.
Twenty years after this photo, I bought a row of houses along Mulberry St. just off this intersection, and rehabilitated them. Financed them though Mercer Savings and Loan which was just above this shot towards the circle.

Mike Kuzma

Anonymous said...

Mike has it pretty much nailed. Brunswick Sports and Hardware was owned by Joe and his wife "Ronnie" Kozlowski. Shorty Skwara made that great snapper soup and that accompanied a huge platter of fresh fried flounder and fries and unless he knew you were coming he was out by seven on Friday evenings. Next door was the Voorhees home followed by Mercer Savings, the bank that served the Polish community just as Roma and Magyar did for the Italian and Hungarian folks. Coulumbus school was out of sight on the right. The next block was home to Cassiani Tomato Pie which, IMHO, was the finest in the city.

Ed Millerick