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Wednesday, April 03, 2013

We all had our boyhood (and girlhood) heroes. One of mine was Hop Harrigan, "America's Ace of the Airways." It was on every weekday afternoon and I don't think I ever missed an episode during the World War II years, as I listened in rapt attention as Hop and his Co-Pilot buddy "Tank" Tinker took to the air in my technicolor imagination. I have written numerous columns relating to Hop Harrigan.



Lee Belardion said...

After school I turned the radio on 'to Hop Harrigan' First thing you heard was "Control tower ro Hop Harrigan,all clear"This was followed by Jack Armsrong, all American boy,(eat your wheaties,followed by Tom Mix. At night we heard The "Inner Sanctum".
Are we getting old or what?


Tom Glover said...

Number 80 for Judy as of January and number 80 for me in September. Yeah, we sure are getting on in years. I still plan to do my summer concert series year. My voice is still steady and I hope to keep it that way. I have a collection of old Hop Harrigan radio shows in my collection in mp3 format. Listen to them very often.STAY HEALTHY, LEE, and remember: OLD FRIENDS ARE THE BEST FRIENDS.