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Tuesday, April 16, 2013


This may be a duplication of an earlier post, but I must exercise the privilege of repeating an engraving that I find to be exquisite as it recalls the A & P supermarket as it was in neighborhoods all over the area. In our area, the A & P was located on Hamilton Avenue between South Olden and South Logan Avenues. "Red Circle, Bokar,
Jane Parker and too many others to mention were the specialties in these small by comparison super markets. The auto in the photo and the ladies in the photo place it in the early 1930's. FASCINATING!


Sally Logan Gilman said...

Good Morning Tom: Our A&P was on Hermitage Avenue in West Trenton My mother and I would walk to it often and carry the bags home. It was about two or so blocks away. I can still recall the aroma of the coffee. Hermitage was a great little shopping mecca -- we had two bakeries, Fisher candies, a gift store, drug store, a meat market and of course, my all-time favorite spot -- a branch library. Thanks for such wonderful memories. Have a lovely spring day.

Ron Bound Sr said...

I seem to remember a store like the A&P on Chambers, near Cedar Lane. Seemed to be a big deal when it started up, compared to the Mom and Pop stores that were on so many neighborhood corners. Don't remember shopping there, since we didn't have a family car then.

Maire said...

It's interesting that up until oh, not even 20 years ago (and even now) small supermarkets adequately fit the needs of everyone. Speaking for myself, I really don't like the huge mega markets, sure, the prices of a super Walmart are appealing, but 99% of the time it's a pain to navigate through the narrow aisles & gourmet sections of these stores.