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Tuesday, April 16, 2013


"Old friends are the best friends." Old friends from our school days are even better than best friends; they're next to being family relatives. Such is the case with Alice,  my Hamilton High classmate from the class of 1951. 2013 is the year most of us will enter octogenarian status; aches. pains, and all. It seems like only yesterday when I met pretty Alice Schmidt when we were fellow 9th graders at Kuser Annex. Some months ago, Alice sent me these beautiful post card scans that have been quietly reposing in the "TRENTON-VIEWS OF" folder in the Hamilton Library Local History's digital collection. Don't miss the Mercer Hospital photo immediately above. Compare it with the HUGE complex over on Scotch Road and you will see how far the legendary facility has grown up.


Sally Logan Gilman said...

Hi Tom: I'm confused. I was born in "Mercer Hospital'' which if I remember was on Bellevue Avenue. Where is Scotch Road? Help me, please. Regards

Tony S said...

I presume this view of Mercer Hospital, where I too was born I might add, looks very isolated quite differently from the edifice with which I was familiar, was dominant along Bellevue Avenue and Prospect Avenues. It has recently relocated all its facilities to Scotch Road in West Trenton out north of the Mercer County Airport and in the vicinity of Hopewell. (I think)

Sally Logan Gilman said...

Hi Tony: Thanks for the info. I did not know it had been relocated. There is still some kind of medical facility on the site of the original Mercer Hospital but it looks far from what I remember. I'm sure the new location is really nice.