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Wednesday, March 20, 2013


I first met him on Philadelphia's channel 6 on Sunday mornings as PFC Larry Ferrari regaled us with his incredible talent as an organ player. Larry was a local legend to those of us who appreciate music with a lovely melody. Mom Glover and women all over the Delaware Valley put down their aprons every Sunday morning to watch Larry make his magical music on that Wurlitzer organ. As can be seen in an article I wrote way back in 1983, I had an interesting encounter with Larry as I linked him up with a fellow amateur radio operator down in Kingston, Jamaica. Larry was the second celebrity with whom I had radio contact back in the 1970's and 80's. The other was a short conversation with my favorite radio humorist at the time, Jean Shepard; also an active "ham."


Anonymous said...

To a teenagers ear and with Larry On The Organ as the only Philly TV program on Sunday morning, church became the viable option. My wife still wonders how I can miss "The Mass in Latin" especially since I really don't understand much of it. Somehow, it's like comfort food; a warm bowl of maple oatmeal on a drizzly November day.

Ed Millerick

Steve Csorgo Jr said...

Hi Tom,
We met Larry when he was at Fort Dix and Mom & Dad would visit Bill Ford at his home in Jobstown. Bill was a Ham, Electrician and Mayor of Jobstown. Larry was often a visitor to play organ as well as talk to family on Bill's rig. Pleasant memories. Steve Jr