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Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Our teachers hated them, all of us kids loved them. I have this insatiable longing to remember the things of my childhood. One of them is in what we called "funny books," but are more universally known as comic books. I actually had volume 1 number 1 of Jerry Siegle and Joe Schuster's "Superman" comic book way back in Miss Lacy's 5th grade at Kuser School. It was in June, and we had just finished our final exams and the school season was on half days. Miss Lacy told us we could bring in any books or magazines from home as long as we didn't disrupt the normal operation of the classroom. My classmate Ronnie Doyle and I were both "funny book" collectors and we decided to trade. Ronny was a Batman guy and also Captain Marvel. I was a Superman lover and also a fan of The Green Lantern. Well, we traded, and one of those trades was the first Superman issue. It probably got thrown in the garbage sometime during the era of what we know of today as "Golden Age Comics." I am currently downloading public domain comics from the "golden age" and saving them in a special place on my hard drive. Some time I'll tell you about my Joe DiMaggio rookie card, and Lord knows how many other rare baseball cards I and my contemporaries destroyed. Who knew?

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