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Monday, March 04, 2013

1931: The College of New Jersey: In the Beginning

These two photos of the buildings under construction for the Trenton State Teachers College show two different buildings under construction. I believe the photo on the left is of the Bliss building, but I could be in error. I can't identify the building on the right. Perhaps the final appearance would identify it. Perhaps a knowledgeable visitor can verify the Bliss building and identify the photo on the right.The new college would ultimately replace the "Normal School" on North Clinton Avenue in Trenton.


Ron Bound said...

Tom, a little off topic, but I thought I heard asked, "What is the only state university that does not have the name of the state in the school?" Rutgers.

Anonymous said...

Tom - I'm pretty sure the building on the right of this blog is Green Hall, the main classroom building at Trenton State. It was Trenton State when I attended there, 1960-1964, but is now called The College of New Jersey.
Lakeside Girl

Anonymous said...

The building on the left is Brewster Hall and the one on the right is Allen Hall. The Allen, Brewster and Ely dorms are all connected to each other and overlook the lake.