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Wednesday, February 06, 2013


Wherever one goes in any town in contemporary America, one finds ugly graffiti scrawled over any surface that these "artists" can "tag" without being caught. Last year, I posted photos of the work of someone who decided it would be fun to scrawl their garbage on buildings adjoining the Kuser Farm property at the Loomis Avenue border. They even succeeded in scribbling their garbage on the historic Kuser windmill. These n'er do well law breakers have no regard for personal property and when caught in the act should be given a brush and graffiti remover to clean it up.
(Note that I also highlighted the word payed in the article. As is the case with music when someone sings off key, an unusual occurrence of a word will sound an alarm in a proof reader. However, when I googled "past tense of the word 'pay,' both are apparently acceptable. Wayne Davis seldom made editorial mistakes!)

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