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Thursday, December 27, 2012


Let me see.....I started out as a parishioner at St. Paul's P.E. on Centre Street church way back in 1939. Then it was on to St. James P.E. Church on Greenwood Avenue until the mid 1940's. Then, I was attracted to that little church on Liberty and Wesley in Hamilton where I stayed for a year or so and left after I felt that then Pastor Rev. Graham was rabidly anti-Catholic and stopped going there. Then, in the early 1950's when I married into an Irish Catholic family., I became a convert to the Roman Catholic faith. The Britton family's youngest daughter Judy became my wife and with the Brittons being among the first parishioners at St. Anthony's, I was impressed with their steadfast devotion to devotion and took "instructions" with then Father Leonard Toomey, the man who should have been a Bishop. Unfortunately, shabby treatment of our singing group "Wings of Song" led to our family moving on to Sacred Heart, which fittingly is the oldest parish in the state of New Jersey.

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