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Thursday, December 27, 2012


This delightful early engraving of St. Francis Hospital is an exquisite view of the legendary Trenton landmark during the time of Sister Hyacintha. Indeed, her greenhouse can be seen in the lower right in the graphic. In 1897, the Daily State Gazette did a multi-page feature on the city of Trenton. The pages have been encapsulated in crystal laminate and preserved for posterity.

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Ron Bound said...

Tom, how ironic...was talking about St Francis this am at breakfast. Told of a severe ice storm, and taking Mom to St Francis. While there, ambulances were coming every couple minutes. While waiting with Mom, a guy was wheeled in on a gourney. As he lay there his wife told the story of him falling down the steps into the back alley, and when the wife and son found him, he wanted them to put him on an old door that was in the alley and drag him on the ice the block to St Francis. The poor guy was trying to hide every time his wife retold the story.