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Friday, November 23, 2012


Many new visitors to this website discover it as they surf the web from out of the area. There are many who write and send glowing emails telling me how much they enjoy making a visit to their old home town area. Such is the case with Jay Smith, W4OFR, a fellow radio amateur from the sunshine state. As can be seen in the above email I received from Jay, Steve Csorgo's radio amateur QSL card was found in an old desk. Knowing the Kathy and Steve are visitors to my website, I am posting the email for their information. I'm sure they can fill in information for Jay.


Steve Csorgo Jr said...

Sorry I have not been checking you site as often as I should. So sorry for the loss of your brother. He and all your family are in my prayers. As to Jay's question I believe that his Grandfather was related to my Mom's family. Yes - Kathy would know much more of all the details. If Jay sends me an email at I will forward it to Kathy and she can contact him to fill in all his questions about his family that I assume he is not aware. Glad to help him and I will try to get back to checking this wonderful site more often as before. Oh - by the way I still have Dad's radio equipment and maybe someday I will get my ticket and use it again. Also - my name ends in o not e! Take care and keep up this great posting of Trenton - Hamilton Twp. history!!!! Steve (W2QJO) Jr.

Anonymous said...

Hi Tom, Been a little unsettled here lately and haven't had a chance to check your site. Steve told me yesterday about this posting and I am eager to contact Jay for Jim Hamer is a relative of our mother on the Reeger side. Thanks, Kathy