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Wednesday, November 07, 2012

1948 Ca. 1948 South Broad St. at White Horse Avenue

What an incredible and rare photo! I was just at the present Taco Bell yesterday afternoon to pickup our dinner. The vacant lot on the right is the site of the current occupant, Taco Bell. That house in the background is still there. In all my years of venturing into that neighborhood, I can't recall this view. "Scotty's" teen hangout is to the right and down South Broad Street a bit. It was here that my dear wife of 58 years spent many happy hours before I met her. Scotty's was a very popular teen hangout in the 1950's.


Anonymous said...

Tom - Lots of discusssion about this picture and the one you posted on Monday of this same area, almost exactly the same shot even down to the telephone poles. I agree that it is looking down White Horse Ave towards Clinton. You can even see the brick apartment house on the corner down there and a Trenton Transit bus making the turn. Lakeside Girl

Anonymous said...

Tom, I got a chuckle out of one particular sentence in your narrative: " was here that my dear wife of 58 years spent many many happy hours before I met her." I know what you meant but was she really happier before you met her?

Ed Millerick :)

As a post script, it sure was nice catching up, we have been without power here in Hunterdon for almost two weeks now and they are predicting another week to go.