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Saturday, November 10, 2012


Attention Jim Colello: Here's a nice vintage BSP photo for you to include in your "BROAD STREET PARK YESTERYEARS" website. ( It will take someone far more knowledgeable than I on the Broad Street Park area to pinpoint this photo. I thought the building right behind the Kirby and Kirby sign was Hamilton High School, but a Google Earth search proved to be more confusing. 
Questions to our Broad Street Park Historian:
Is the photo taken with the photographer standing on Rennie? If so, what is the cross street at the intersection? What is the building on the right? SOS, Jim.


SJBill said...

Correct, this is Rennie Street, corner of S. Clinton, looking west towards Genesee St. and South Broad. The long factory on the left has been remodeled a bit over the years, including a new roof addition. You want pizza and Italian restaurant supplies? That's where ytou get them.

The building on the right - I'm pretty sure that was the old Rusling School building (trying to remember), since removed for the Rusling Hose fire HQ.

Anonymous said...

This pic was taken in the middle of Rennie St, right before S. CLinton. The building behind Kirby sign is Rowan School. You can see Rusling hose (old building) on the left, @ Broad.