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Wednesday, August 01, 2012


Above is an extract of awards being handed out to those students who went to Trenton High when the majority of the students finished grades 9 through 12 and received diplomas.
No computers, no Google, no IPads, no Kindles, no internet, no MTV, or other prime time distractions, just old fashioned books and the will to learn. Their was no "Wikipedia," but there was Encyclopedia Britannica (if they could afford it.) If not, the library (a real, genuine "learning center") had all the books they needed. And to think they took the time to research their subject matter in those rapidly vanishing books with paper pages!


Anonymous said...

Perhaps by allowing the cart of the media before the horse of common sense, decency and sanity? Allowing and rewarding continually degrading behavior that glorifies all of the deviant practices each and every place in the sunshine under the name of freedom?

Ed Millerick

Anonymous said...

In those days Tom, 99% of the kids who walked in the doors of TCHS walked out with a diploma. Today, those numbers have been reduced to just above 10% graduating despite all of the special programs. Funny, but the more we "do" and spend the worse things get. Something more attractive is luring kids out. They can learn the words to every song but can't handle ... ho, what is the use. The barn door was opened by my generation and the horse is long gone.

Ed M

Anonymous said...

Thanks not only for the "plug" but also for making me ten ( 10 ) years younger.
I was with the THS class of 1952, not 62. But I appreciate the help both in plugs, and age dimunition!!! LOL
Had I paid attention in class, and not got too big for my pants, I would have finished with my class, and accepted a free ride to Roanoke College. Instead, left school a year too soon, Service, work, and stuggle. Good thing I had the parents I had, and receive a great work ethic from them.
When the offered me an Asst. VP title at the old Trenton Banking Co. and then recinded it when they learned I had not graduated from Hight school. It motivated me to finish school at night, and the right to be included with my original class.

3 years ago, when in Roanoke on a land buying venture, I stopped by the College, and nearly cried for screwing up the way I had.
What a beautiful place,where I "shulda" been.
After retiring from State Government, I began accumlating credits, and at this point have more than enough for an associate's degree.
At the rate I'm going, I'll need a walker to getme across the stage for the graduation. But you never know, I just might do it.
Thanks for the correction.
Mike Kuzma