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Wednesday, August 01, 2012


Mike Kuzma: So sorry I got THS '62 mixed up with this graphic I should have used for the class of 1952, not 1962. Above is the graphic I meant to post with the announcement of your 60th reunion at John Henry's on Kuser Road. (The old Italian American Sportsmen site.) I await your formal announcement of the affair, and will post same upon receipt. Interestingly, I will be singing for Hamilton High's class of 1952 at the Mercer Boat Works in the Fall. I will be singing the music of the early 50's when music was music.

Thanks not only for the "plug" but also for making me ten ( 10 ) years younger.
I was with the THS class of 1952, not 62. But I appreciate the help both in plugs, and age dimunition!!! LOL
Had I paid attention in class, and not got too big for my pants, I would have finished with my class, and accepted a free ride to Roanoke College. Instead, left school a year too soon, Service, work, and stuggle. Good thing I had the parents I had, and receive a great work ethic from them.
When the offered me an Asst. VP title at the old Trenton Banking Co. and then recinded it when they learned I had not graduated from High school. It motivated me to finish school at night, and the right to be included with my original class.

3 years ago, when in Roanoke on a land buying venture, I stopped by the College, and nearly cried for screwing up the way I had. What a beautiful place,where I "shuolda" been.
After retiring from State Government, I began accumulating credits, and at this point have more than enough for an associate's degree.
At the rate I'm going, I'll need a walker to get me across the stage for the graduation. But you never know, I just might do it.
Thanks for the correction.
Mike Kuzma

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