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Monday, July 02, 2012


Here's a view of Route 206 north as one approaches the White Horse circle that is historically significant. The fabled White Horse Hotel is seen in the background, but what about that mansion with the mansard roof? I would be interested to know if any White Horse area visitors can identify the house and its historic past. The architecture would indicate that the home was an historic edifice before the wrecker's ball removed it.


Noreen Hvasta said...

Hi Tom, I live at the WHT Horse circle now - I'm going to print this off and take over to one of my neighbors who has been here since the 40's to see if she remembers this big old house - so sad tht it's gone - Noreen Hvasta

Anonymous said...

Tom: I lived in this house at that time. It was a duplex with Cunningham family on left side and Bob Gaw, owner of Esso station, on right.
Jim Cunningham, life member and past president of White Horse Volunteer Fire Company