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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Circa 1946: Ms. Lynn Stockton Hammer's Junior 2

Even though the photo above places Junior 2 on Gladstone, the structure is usually referred to as being on Cuyler Avenue. The photo above comes from Ms. Lynn Stockton Hammer, who went on to graduate from Hamilton High School in the class of 1957, along with my brother Donny. Thanks for the photo, Lynn,

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rayfromvillapark said...

Hi Tom, This is an amazing photo for me, because I graduated from Trenton High, with these kids. I have identified at least 12 of the children in this photo. I'm not in the photo, because I started at Junior Two, in the second grade. I believe this may be the first grade. I have an email in to one of my classmates to see if she can fill in some of the other names. I spent my first two years at Franklin School, on Liberty St., before we bought the house in Villa Park. The reason that Junior Two is listed as being on Gladstone, is because this was the main entrance. The offices were just inside those doors, down the hall. The entrances on Cuyler Ave., were just to classrooms. I think there were two entrances on Cuyler. Wow, what a coincidence for me to be a part of this group, through all of my school years. rayfromvillapark