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Thursday, May 03, 2012


One thing any historian strives to do is accurately re-tell history. "Heresay" has been the bane of the historian due to the fact that a person's memory can be quite faulty. Whenever I detail a specific historical item based on hearsay, it is NEVER accepted as an historic truth. Such is the case with the dating of the year the Kuser Mansion was built. Someone said that the Kuser diary indicated 1892. As can be seen in the article above, and numerous other articles in the Hamilton Library database, the mansion was finished in 1896 and the Kusers spent their first summer there in the same year. I can only assume that Mr. Ahrend, the contractor was of German extraction and used German craftsmen in the construction of the building as it indicates in the Kuser Farm booklet written by Mrs. Frederic Kuser.

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