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Saturday, January 21, 2012


TomKrawiec's Trenton Makes Music and Trenton Speedway

My high school classmate Bob Shinkle sent this link to me. Bob and I spent our younger years within hearing distance of those race cars as they sped around the track at the New Jersey State Fair on Nottingham Way. Those of us old timers who remember those 1940's stock cars ripping around the New Jersey State Fair raceway will love this series of photos posted by webmaster Tom Krawiec. There are photos of a number of what I call "Rocky DiNatale" stock cars, not to mention the old midget racers, and of course the more recent Tom Petty, etc. more modern cars. Tom also has a very detaile site which features local music and musicians. Well Done, Tom, and thanks Bob for forwarding this to me.

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