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Saturday, January 21, 2012


Most of the younger generation who are not particularly interested in history consider the areas of Emery, Bayard, Chestnut, Mott streets areas as "Chambersburg." As can be seen in extract I have digitized, the Chambersburg of Robert Chambers began on South Broad Street near the intersection of Cass Street where Robert Chambers built a hotel. With the arrival of the John A. Roebling plant, the nearby New Jersey Steel and Iron Company and other heavy industry, immigrants from many ethnic groups began to enter the area, and today we have the above referenced Emery, Bayard, etc. as the Chambersburg of today.

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Jeffrey E. Lee said...

Thanks for this tidbit. May I suggest that you post on the site some information regarding Chambersburg that might startle some readers, the fact that prior to ca 1888 this community was not part of the City of Trenton. This fact would help explain why a certain suburban red brick municipal building was erected so close to its' border with the City of Trenton. Peace. JEL