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Tuesday, December 20, 2011


I hand colored this photo of Edna Kuser. It reposes in the "KUSER FARM" folder in the Hamilton Township Public Library's Local History Collection. Many of my "The Way We Were" columns in the old Mercer Messenger are being preserved for posterity. As to those of you whom I suspect are a bit perplexed or possibly bored by my frequent Kuser Farm related posts, I ask that you just arrow down to the next graphic. As the "webmaster" of this site, I will continue to honor and cherish the memories I have not only of the Kusers and Kuser Farm, but of recalling my thousands of more than 75 year of old memories of growing up from boyhood to adulthood in this wonderful township of Hamilton; It is important to remember that these posts are first person local history stories. Additionally, I believe that our grandchildren and great grandchildren will find that reading of life in the fast fading 1930's through the 1950's will be of great interest. How I wish I had asked for some of my mom and dad's memories of their young years; those reminiscences would have given me a very pleasant insight as to their young years.

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