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Thursday, September 15, 2011


My father was on friendly terms with many in the early Lieberman political scene in Hamilton Township. He was a Hamilton Township Committeeman during the WWII years. My very dear friend Maury Perilli is shown in the photo as are numerous personal acquaintances. My Kuser School classmate Vinnie Brenna is there, as is another old time friend, Al DeMartin. I understand that the original founders of the BRL, including my friends Jack Lacy and Jack Zoller were among the founders of the league. If either of them read this post, I would sure appreciate a comment that would add to the "BASEBALL" folder in the Local History Collection.


Anonymous said...

David C Goodwin, was the first president of City of Trenton Babe Ruth and 25 years of American Legion State Baseball Chariman

Tom Glover said...

Many thanks for that information, "anonymous." It adds to the interesting history of the BRL.

Tom Glover

Anonymous said...

Hi Tom,

My grandfather Russ Leigh was the manager of the 1969 tournament team and his son, my uncle Jim, was the starting pitcher in Nottinghams' final game in the tournament - one win from advancing to the Little League World Series. As my grandmother tells the story, Nottingham lost in a close game and New York had a very tiny hitter who walked in every plate appearance and scored the winning run.

Great article - thanks for posting!

Anonymous said...

Just a little addition - I should have mentioned that the team Nottingham lost to in that final game was from New York. This was also at a time when the tournament was single elimnation - one loss anywhere along the way and you were eliminated. I believe Nottingham won something like 13 consecutive games to get to that final game.