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Thursday, December 30, 2010


As you can see by the 300,000-plus "hits" on this blog, there are many visitors who are interested in history, genealogy, or just plain love to page through the thousands of posts that have been added to this blog over the past 5 years. Who knows where technology will lead us in this ever-changing era of electronic miracles? It has been my goal to post local interest material ranging from nostalgic to historic, to photos and articles that relate personally to our many visitors. There are literally millions of pages found in the huge (and heavy) volumes in the Hamilton Township Public Library's Local History Collection. Indeed, at my ripe old age of 77 going on 78, the source material will outlive me by many years. Future archivists will add still more, and I suspect succeeding archivists will continue to add to this incredible database of history, nostalgia and other things ephemeral. As I continue on this monumental journey, we will be viewing photos of local people who served in WWI, WWII, and the Korean War, grammar and high school articles and photos, views of our area long before we were here, and other posts calculated to spur your imagination. Unfortunately, my collection ends in the early 1940's. However, you will agree that there are many hidden historic secrets still to be uncovered in my collection of papers that begin in 1868 up to the early 1940's.

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Anonymous said...

looking forward to this my paternal grand father lived in trenton and served in wwII and the korean was and my paternal grand father lived in hamilton and served in WWII