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Tuesday, July 20, 2010


The history books and many novels are saturated with Mark Twain type stories of the romance of the Mississippi River. Paddle wheelers, river boat gambling, and other stories that spur the imagination. Our own Delaware River has a bit of romantic historical interest as well; perhaps even greater than that of the Mississippi. Paddle wheelers once plied the Delaware from points north and south. From George Washington's trip across the river in December 1776, Coryell's Ferry, McKonkey, remind us of the numerous stories of the ferries that once dotted the shoreline up and down the Delaware River. Trenton's Ferry Street in South Trenton got its name from the ferry boat landing at the foot of the street. Hotels, saloons, and other public meeting places sprung up along the ferry wharf where travelers could come and go into their facilities for an overnight stay at the Bloomsbury Hotel which is illustrated above in a very poor landmark photo from 1910.

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