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Friday, June 11, 2010

Circa 1984: Mary Meyers Schujko Remembers Maple Shade School

Long before I got into computing, and during the time that I was writing a weekly column for the Mercer Messenger with a typewriter, many readers sent me letters which could not be published in the paper due to space constraints. I have saved many of those letters, and now after quite a few years, I am publishing them for the benefit of the community. Mary Meyers Schujko's memories of Maple Shade and her school years in Hamilton parallel my own memories of a very pleasant era in our lives. Mary, if you are a visitor, here's a re-run of a very heartwarming letter you wrote reminiscing about your years at the late, great, much missed, Maple Shade NEIGHBORHOOD School.

1 comment:

Chris said...

Hi Tom,

Do you have any more details or possibly pictures of the farm(s) that used to be located on Kuser/White Horse where the Shop n Bag plaza is now located? I grew up in that area and have never heard about a farm, trolly cars or relatives of Johnny Weissmuller residing there.

Thanks for your hard work.