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Thursday, June 10, 2010


I have an obsessive longing to recall the persons, places, and incidents of my youth. For me, it is a "Magnificent Obsession." If the pent up youthful emotions within me could be gathered up and packaged, I believe they would go a long way in affirming Bishop Fulton Sheen's admonition that "Life is Worth Living." My obsession not only relates to my personal quest for bittersweet childhood memories, it is also reflected in the very essence of this blog, which reflects my desire to bring historic articles, photos, and other memorabilia back from the dark, cobweb covered shelves of obscurity; seldom if ever seen by anyone in these modern times. I could never begin to explain the mental and physical experience of the essence of freshly mown hay as I write about it in the column above. I dare say there are visitors to this blog who will affirm that the experience approaches the ethereal.

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