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Thursday, June 10, 2010


I remember this facility quite well. And you thought that the center of Chambersburg centered around Bayard, Chestnut, Emory, and South Clinton Avenue! No, the original Chambersburg as founded by Robert Chambers stretched along South Broad Street from Cass and down to nearly Liberty Street. The hospital described above was a fixture in that area for many years.


Ralph Lucarella said...

Tom: This hospital was where my wife was run down by a motorcycle on Halloween Night in the late 20s. She was crossing the street and had to have half of her foot amputated that got caught in the wheel. She pulled through fine and learned to endure the handicap. I don't think the hospital was there for any log period. Regards.

Mack said...

This was across from us on south
broad street most of the years I
spent at Appraisal Exchange. It was
eventually torn down as it was always vacant in my Burg day.

As for the Burg borders..
seems everyone has different ones.
I made my Burg borders large for the blog but mine cut off north
of Hamilton Avenue as that was a
different neighborhood by the time
of my Burg day...but i can see by
the city directories of 57 and 63
that it was once VERY Italian and
thus may have been part of the
Burg in spirit. Also, plenty of
folks from Villa Park, Franklin
Park, and South Trenton were in
the Burg everyday or often and
can claim to have been part of
the Burg. From where we were on
Liberty Street Creccos was 2 and
half blocks away and Rossis was
4 blocks, if our part of Liberty
Street was not the Burg, what was
it? But whatever borders folks
want are fine. God Bless The Ole

Anonymous said...

Tom - It would be interesting to find out just how long it really was on South Borad St. I remember it just west of Libety St. I think it was the same building. It was set back from the road a bit, but was a lovely building. I remember it well into the 50's and maybe even the 60's used for offices?
Lakeside Girl

Mack said...

This building was here until it
was torn down in the 1990s. In its
final years it was vacant.