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Saturday, June 05, 2010


Years from now when generations yet unborn grow to maturity, there will be a hunger for historical material from the magnificent past of the capital city of Trenton. One of the historians who will be referred to along with Franklin Mills, Francis Baizley Lee, John Cleary,Elma Lawson, and Bill Dwyer, will most certainly be Ms. Sally Lane. Sally had that special something that gave her historic columns on Trenton history a special flavor and unique insight. The article above is an example of Sally's journalistic skills. We miss you, Sally!

AN ASIDE: You should see the restoration they did on that grand old factory on Centre Street in the Mill Hill section of Trenton! It is absolutely beautiful. There are numerous old homes and buildings in that area that are truly beautiful to behold, as fastidious restorations are taking place. It's worth a sight-seeing trip to see this neighborhood doing a Phoenix-type rise from the ashes.

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