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Saturday, June 05, 2010


This photo was on the cover of one of the "Trenton" magazines in my collection. How I remember those nights traveling into center city on a Thursday evening to pick up my dear wife Judy as she finished a day in the infant's wear section of Yard's Department store. Trenton was a great town back in mid century when the city was aglow in lights on Thursday nights as the town merchants stayed open until 9 PM.


Ralph Lucarella said...

...Was'nt that great, downtown Trenton on a Thursday night. Buying suits at Bond's for $25 with two pair of pants. And getting Arrow shirts at Kaufman's, what ever happened to Arrow shirts? You mention Yard's, Tom, were they one of the stores that sent the money up on trolleys, I recall that in some stores. Everyone seemed to be in a jolly mood, either shopping or going to a movie. It was a happy time for all. Best Regards.

Tom Glover said...

Vacuum transfer system was at Nevius Voorhees. I also seem to remember that Goldberg's also used the vacuum system in the early 40's.


West End Sal said...

Nevius Vorhees was a favorite store of my mother, grandmother and me. We used to take the bus into "town'' and would shop Yard's too. Oh, how I miss those days and that wonderful downtown with the movies and places to eat. Thanks for the memories, Tom