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Friday, June 11, 2010


Tomorrow, June 12, 2010, the folks at Mill Hill will be hosting their annual garden tours. This annual event has become a very popular community program. If you haven't visited the Mill Hill neighborhood, you are in for a treat....especially if you are interested in things historic. The tree lined streets and beautifully restored row homes put Philadelphia's "Old Town" to shame. Those of us who are more prone to romanticism, can easily conjure up the ghosts of residents who lived on those narrow streets back during Trenton's early years as a village.

Details on tomorrow's Mill Hill Garden Tour
can be found by going to the Mill Hill web site:

I have a growing folder on historic material relating to this very historic Trenton community. The graphic above is from the "MILL HILL" folder in my Hamilton Library Local History Collection. "Green-Mar" was a moderately successful attempt to draw shoppers a few blocks south of the center city shopping district. I recall numerous visits to the speedometer shop that was once located across the street from Sacred Heart Church...I also recall Neidt-Ertel Ford dealership in that same row.

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